What If Degree Progress (DARS) Report

  1. Log into My Fresno State.

  2. Under My Menu on the left hand side, click on the Faculty Self Service link.

    My Fresno State My Menu Image 

  3. Click the Advisement link.

    My Fresno State Advisement Link Image 

  4. Type in the Student ID number and press the Tab key on your keyboard. Select Degree Progress from the right-hand drop-down menu. Click the green Change button. 

    My Fresno State Enter Student ID And Make A Selection Image

  5. Click on the Request What-If Report button. 

    My Fresno State Request What-If Report Image 

  6. Click on the magnifying glass next to the Plan text entry field. 

    My Fresno State Override Options Image

  7. Type the first few letters of the name of the major, minor, or other program for which you wish to generated a "what if" report in the Description text entry field. The example below uses "soc" to search for Social Work double-major. 

    Click on the yellow Lookup button.

    A list of matches will soon appear under the yellow buttons under "Search Results."

    My Fresno State Lookup Plan Image 

    Click on the name or number matching the plan you are looking for. 

  8. You will be returned to the What-If Analysis Reports page with the appropriate plan code inserted in the Plan text entry field.

    If you wish to generated the "what if" report for a different catalog year, click in the Program Requirement Term text entry field. Type "2" followed by the two-digit year (03 for 2003, 04 for 2004, etc.) and the number "1" for Winter session, "3" for Spring semester, "5" for Summer session, or "7" for Fall semester. For example. for a catalog year starting in the Fall of 2001, you would enter "2017". For a catalog year starting in the Spring of 2002, you would enter "2023"

    Hit the "Tab" key on your keyboard after entering the 4-digit value described above.

    Click in the Plan Requirement Term text entry field and enter the 4-digit academic term code as described above. This should match the code used for the Program Requirement Term. Don't forget to hit your "Tab" key on your keyboard after entering the code.

    Your screen will look similar to the example below. 

    My Fresno State Override Options Image 

    Click the green OK button at the bottom. 

  9. You will see a "Report Results" page like the example below. This page displays the results of your submitted request. The full report can take several minutes to be generated. To view the full report, click on the Return to Reports Page link at the top and bottom of the page, circled in red in the example below.

  10. The "View Previously Requested Reports" page will come up.

    Click on the green Go button on the left (circled in red in the example below) to view the full report.

    If the full report has not yet been generated, you will see the same summery as shown above. If this happens, continue following steps 9) and 10) until the "Report Results" page displays the full report. 

    My Fresno State View Previously Requested Reports Image

NOTE: It is not possible to generate a "what-if" report for double majors with both majors displayed simultaneously. To display results for students with double majors, you must generate two separate reports, selecting the "DBL-MJR" plan for the first major in the first report and the "DBL-MJR" plan for the second major in the second report.