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 I cant install or authenticate my Adobe Creative Cloud Client:

Solution #1 - Installing 

When installing CC client my computer either shows a white screen or crashes after logging into Campus Login Services.

There is an intermittent problem with installing the client that doesn't recognize the Enterprise ID. As a work-around install the client using Google Authentication. 


You will be redirected to a Google website to complete the installation.

Once the client is installed, you will be logged in with a trial account. You will need to sign out and sign back in using the Enterprise ID. See our FAQ's for more information.

Solution #2 - Installing

 If you receive an error after trying to authenticate, you may need to check your personal anti-virus. Most anti-virus applications have a temporary disable option which may help to activate the software. Editing your anti-virus settings must be done at your own risk.

Solution #3 - Downloading

 If you have having trouble downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud Client, you can try to download it straight from the Adobe public link.


Please call the Service Desk at 559 278 5000 for additional questions or problems.

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