Crazy Song to the Air of "Dixie"

DESCRIPTION: "Way down south in the land of cotton, I wrote this song and wrote it rotten, I did, I didn't -- you don't believe me. The reason why I cannot sing I have no chestnuts for to spring...." Other nonsense of similar calibre follows
AUTHOR: "Andy Lee" (W. W. Delaney) supplied Sandburg-TheAmericanSongbag's text
EARLIEST DATE: 1925 (recording, Ernest Stoneman)
KEYWORDS: nonsense nonballad parody derivative
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Sandburg-TheAmericanSongbag, p. 342, "Crazy Song to the Air of 'Dixie'" (1 text)
Coleman/Bregman-SongsOfAmericanFolks, pp. 120-121, "The Crazy Dixie" (1 text, 1 tune, beginning with "The Horze Named Bill" and including "Crazy Song to the Air of Dixie" verses)
Pankake/Pankake-PrairieHomeCompanionFolkSongBook, p. 61, "Take It Out, Take It Out, Remove It" (1 text, tune referenced); also p. 61, "The Whale Song (1 text, tune referenced)

Roud #10134
Ernest Stoneman, "Dixie Parody" (OKeh 40430, 1925)
cf. "Dixie" (tune) and references there
NOTES [37 words]: The nature of this song is such that almost any nonsense can, and is, attracted to it. So any nonsense to the air of "Dixie" is listed here (with the exception of "A Horse Named Bill," which is coherent in a small way). - RBW
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