Cotton's Patch (II)

DESCRIPTION: "We got up steam the ninth of March" to seek Cotton's patch. "Oh, didn't we ramble, scramble, But the devil a sign of Cotton's patch we found." After many ships seek in vain, the singer says the only patch they saw "was the patch on Tapper's trousers"
AUTHOR: Johnny Burke (1851-1930)
EARLIEST DATE: 1960 (Burke's Ballads)
KEYWORDS: hunting technology commerce pilot ship humorous flying
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Ryan/Small-HaulinRopeAndGaff, p. 121, "Cotton's Patch (II)" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: Johnny Burke (John White, Editor), _Burke's Ballads_, no printer listed, n.d. (PDF available on Memorial University of Newfoundland web site), p. 15, "Cotton's Patch" (1 text)
Johnny Burke (William J. Kirwin, editor), _John White's Collection of Johnny Burke Songs_, Harry Cuff Publications, St. John's, 1981, #39, p. 62, "From the show Cotton's Patch: Second Song" (1 text)

Roud #V44826
cf. "Cotton's Patch (I)" (subject)
cf. "Didn't He Ramble" (lyrics, form, probably tune)
NOTES [37 words]: For the story of Cotton's airplane and Cotton's patch, see the notes to "Cotton's Patch (I)." This isn't the same song as "Cotton's Patch (I)" (this has a "didn't he ramble" chorus), but it's about the same incident. - RBW
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File: RySm121

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