What Will We Do When We'll Have No Money?

DESCRIPTION: Questions and answers. What will we do when we: have no money? hawk through town; marry a tinker? sell a tin can and walk with me man; marry a soldier? handle his gun; have a daughter? take it in hand and walk with me man.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1985 (IRTravellers01)
KEYWORDS: bawdy humorous nonballad money
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Roud #16879
Mary Delaney, "What Will We Do When We'll Have No Money?" (on IRTravellers01)
NOTES [64 words]: The format of each verse of Mary Delaney's version on IRTravellers01 is "What will we do when [question]? All true lovers, what will we do then? [Answer], And we'll yodel it over again." - BS
Despite which, there is no yodel in this version. Delaney was the source for the song as sung by the Silly Sisters (Maddy Prior and June Tabor), which will be faniliar to many folk fans. - RBW

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