Sucking Pig (I), The

DESCRIPTION: Of a giant pig, which takes 7000 men to butcher, and seven years to remove a trotter; its bones yield 7000 bags of flour. Cho: "O, perhaps you may think that/O, it's not all true/But I don't care a fig/What I say, I know it's true/About this suckling pig"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1961 (recording, Jack Elliott of Birtley)
KEYWORDS: lie corpse death work food talltale animal worker
FOUND IN: Britain(England(North))
Roud #8083
Jack Elliott, "The Sucking Pig" (on Elliotts01)
cf. "The Derby Ram" (subject, plot)
cf. "The Grey Goose" (subject, plot)
cf. "The Killing of the Big Pig (Iso Sika)" (subject, plot)
NOTES [60 words]: The collectors, MacColl & Seeger, considered this song a barrack-room rewrite of "The Derby Ram," and obviously the parallels are very strong. But as the actual words, except for the chorus, seem to be somewhat independent, I split them. Still, cognate stories of big animals that are hard to kill and cook are common, so do look at the cross-references. - PJS
File: RcTSuPig

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