Rain and Snow

DESCRIPTION: Singer's wife gives him trouble, runs him "out in the cold rain and snow." She comes downstairs combing her hair, saying she'll no longer be mistreated; he kills her (, lays out the body, then trembles with cold fear)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: Early 1960s (recording, Obray Ramsay)
KEYWORDS: marriage violence crime homicide corpse death wife
Roud #3634
Dillard Chandler, "Rain and Snow" (on Chandler01, DarkHoll)
cf. "Nine Hundred Miles" (tune)
cf. "Reuben's Train" (tune)
Cold Rain and Snow
NOTES [43 words]: The liner notes to Chandler's recording lump this with "Sporting Bachelors." I demur; that's a humorous cautionary tale, while this is a tragedy. - PJS
It seems to me I've heard this done with a somewhat humorous twist, but certainly it's a distinct song. - RBW
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