Jim and Me

DESCRIPTION: Singer says that he and his old friend Jim used to be sinners, smokers and drinkers, but that God has saved them, and their money is now spent on their families. "What our God has done for us/He's done for Jim and me"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1927 (unissued recording, Kentucky Thorobreds)
KEYWORDS: virtue sin drink religious family gods
Roud #7381
Garner Brothers, "Jim and Me" (JGS 20088, n.d.)
Kentucky Thorobreds, "Jim and Me" (Paramount, unissued, rec. 1927)
Preston & Hobart Smith, "Jim and Me" (on LomaxCD1704)

NOTES [6 words]: Again fragmentary, but a narrative. - PJS
File: RcJaM

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