I Want a Nice Little Fellow

DESCRIPTION: The singer hopes for a rich, pleasant husband so she won't spend her whole life working. Johnny promises her wealth, but mother notes that her husband made the same promise and broke it. The girl promises to return if Johnny breaks his promise
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1927 (recording, Kelly Harrell)
KEYWORDS: courting love money hardtimes mother children father betrayal abuse technology drink
Roud #13154
Kelly Harrell, "I Want a Nice Little Fellow" (Victor 20867, 1927; on KHarrell02)
NOTES [45 words]: The reference to automobiles implies that this song is not much older than Harrell's recording. It also has a sort of a prohibitionist undertone. But it feels traditional. While I suspect it of being a composed song, I don't think Harrell learned it from sheet music. - RBW

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