Brockagh Brae

DESCRIPTION: John leaves Mary "to take a trip strange lands to explore." He promises to be true and leaves for Belfast. He sails. When he lands at Greendock [sic] he is told to return home. He does, and returns to Mary. They marry and settle at Brockagh Brae.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1977 (recording, Geordie Hanna)
KEYWORDS: courting marriage parting return reunion separation Ireland
FOUND IN: Ireland
Roud #5171
Geordie Hanna, "Brockagh Brae" (on Voice04)
NOTES [61 words]: Hall, notes to Voice04: "'Brockagh Brae' at first sight seems to fall into the category of a footloose young man seeking adventure in emigration, but is actually about the seasonal migration of farm workers to the harvest in Scotland."
Brockagh Mountain is in the Dublin/Wicklow area. Greenock is on the west coast of Scotland across the North Channel from Ireland. - BS
File: RcBroBra

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