Dear Companion (The Broken Heart; Go and Leave Me If You Wish To, Fond Affection)

DESCRIPTION: "I once did have a dear companion (or: "love with fond affection"); Indeed I thought his love my own Until a dark eyed girl betrayed me And now he cares no more for me." The girl, looking at her baby, recalls her unfaithful love and regrets her shame
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1906 (Greig/Duncan6)
KEYWORDS: love infidelity pregnancy lyric floatingverses
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MA,SE,So) Britain(Scotland(Aber)) Canada(Newf) Ireland
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cf. "Wayfaring Stranger" (approximate tune) and references there
cf. "The Bonny Boy (I)" (lyrics)
cf. "Columbus Stockade Blues" (lyrics)
cf. "Sweet Heaven (II)" (lyrics)
cf. "Saint James Infirmary" (the "let her go" lyrics)
cf. "Good Night, Bye-Bye, Forever" (theme, some lyrics)
Once I Loved with Fond Affection
If It's In Your Heart
I Once Did Love Your Fond Affection
Fond of Affection
Raven Dark Hair
Fond Devotion
Future Days
NOTES [144 words]: This piece would appear to break up into two subfamilies, "Dear Companion" ("I once did have a dear companion") and "A Fond Affection." I tried to separate the two -- but when I saw the incredible mixture in Randolph, I gave up. - RBW
It's also getting harder to distinguish "Columbus Stockade Blues" from this song. We use the "Columbus Stockade" line as a marker, but several versions of "Dear Companion" overlap heavily with that song in lyrics. - PJS
So true. Peacock's version, e.g., is "Columbus Stockade Blues" minus the first verse, though the tune is different.
Jean Ritchie, incidentally, rewrote this as "My Dear Companion," beginning "Oh have you seen my dear companion, For he was all the world to me." Her version can be found on pates 62-63 of Sing Out!, Volume 41, #3 (1996/1997). Apparently it has become mildly popular in country circles. - RBW
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