Whistle, Daughter, Whistle

DESCRIPTION: The mother offers her daughter a (cow) if she will whistle. The daughter says she cannot. The request is repeated with (sheep, etc.); each time the daughter refuses. Finally the mother offers a man; the daughter engages to whistle with all her might
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1868 (Notes & Queries); a manuscript copy said to be from 1740 was cited in _Folklore_ in 1901
KEYWORDS: dialog mother bargaining children
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MA,SE,So) Britain(England(South),Scotland(Aber)) Ireland
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ADDITIONAL: Robert Chambers, The Popular Rhymes of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1870 ("Digitized by Google")), p. 25, ("Whistle, whistle, auld wife")

ST R109 (Partial)
Roud #1570
cf. "Lazy Mary (She Won't Get Up)" (theme)
cf. "La Jeune Fille Sans Amant (The Young Girl Without a Lover)" (theme)
cf. "Sixteen Years, Mama" (subject)
cf. "The Maid's Complaint to her Mother" (theme)
NOTES [95 words]: This song has a close German parallel known, e.g., as "Spinn Spinn"; note that this was actually collected in Pennsyvania and printed in Henry. Newell-GamesAndSongsOfAmericanChildren also claims Flemish and French parallels. - RBW
In Chambers's text the conversation is not between a mother and daughter, though the outcome is the same. - BS
[Sharp reports of his version,] "The words given me by the singer were a little too free and unconventional to be published without emendation, but the necessary alterations have, nevertheless, been very few and unimportant." - PJS
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File: R109

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