Lowlands of Holland, The

DESCRIPTION: A young couple are parted (when the young man is taken away to sea). While in service, he is drowned. The girl vows she will not dress in fine clothes nor seek another man until the day she dies
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: recruiting death parting pressgang separation ship marines
FOUND IN: Britain(England(South,Lond,West),Scotland(Aber)) US(Ap,NE,So) Canada(Newf) Ireland Australia
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ST R083 (Full)
Roud #484
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cf. "Bonny Bee Hom" [Child 92] (given as an appendix to that ballad)
cf. "All Things Are Quite Silent" (theme)
cf. "The British Man-of-War" (tune)
cf. "Our Ship She Is Lying in Harbour" (lyrics)
cf. "Bonny Portmore" ("shines where it stands") and references there
The Lily of Arkansas
NOTES [332 words]: "The Lowlands of Holland" is frequently connected to "Bonny Bee Hom" (Child 92), a link dating back to Child (who printed four stanzas of Herd's text). The matter has been much studied, without clear conclusion. The tendency has been to assume that "Bonny Bee Hom" is the older, just because it is the Child Ballad, but the fact that "Lowlands of Holland" is so much more common may be a counter-argument. David C. Fowler, A Literary History of the Popular Ballad, Duke University Press, 1968, p. 323, suggests that "Bonny Bee Hom" is Anna Gordon Brown's rewrite of "Lowlands." It might be noted, however, that "Bonny Bee Hom" involves a magic device (the stone that tells the lover whether his sweetheart is true), a theme not found in "The Lowlands of Holland."
It will also be obvious that "The Lowlands of Holland" has been enduringly popular, whereas "Bonny Bee Hom" has had very little currency in tradition.
Roud assigns Burton/Manning-EastTennesseeStateCollectionVol1's "The Jolly Sailor" text its own number, #7131, but the Burton/Manning song shares many words with this song; it just omits the reference to the Lowlands of Holland. I have no hesitation about lumping them. - RBW
Roud assigns #2174 to "The Rocks of Gibraltar." Aside from the location being changed from "The Lowlands of Holland" there's hardly anything to distinguish between the two songs.
Reeves-TheEverlastingCircle 85A includes a "shines as it stands" verse: "Holland is a pleasant place which shines as it stands And there's good accomodations for sailors in that land, Where sugar there in canes do grow, the tea falls from the tree. I wish to God my love was nigh, although she's far away." The more usual verse is something like "Holland is a pretty place, And in it grows no green, Nor is there any habitation, For any young man to be seen, The sugar cane is plentiful, And the tea grows on the trees, And the low lands of Holland, Betwixt you my love and me" (Broadside Bodleian Harding B 11(2258)) - BS
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