Helen of Kirconnell

DESCRIPTION: The singer laments, "I wish I were where Helen lies." The two had been together when Helen was shot and died. The singer pursues and kills her slayer, then promises to be true forever. The rest of the song is a wish to join his love in death
AUTHOR: (published by Robert Burns)
EARLIEST DATE: 1797 (_Scots Musical Museum_ #155); seemingly also in Herd
KEYWORDS: courting love death revenge
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ST OBB152 (Full)
Roud #8191
cf. "Alas And Did My Savior Bleed" (tune)
I Wish I Were Where Ellen Lies
NOTES [38 words]: Under the title "Fair Helen," this is one of the handful of traditional songs in Palgrave's Golden Treasury (item CXXXV).
This song, or the folktale that underlies it, is said to have inspired Wordsworth's "Ellen Irwin." - RBW
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