Nine Hundred Miles

DESCRIPTION: "I'm a walking down the track, I've got tears in my eyes, Trying to read a letter from my home. If that train runs me right I'll be home tomorrow night." The singer will pawn anything or do whatever is needed to get home (to his sweetheart)
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: train love separation home
REFERENCES (12 citations):
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Roud #4959
Fiddlin' John Carson "I'm Nine Hundred Miles from Home" (OKeh 40196, 1924)
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cf. "Rain and Snow" (opening lines of tune)
cf. "Reuben's Train"
NOTES [74 words]: Some versions of "Reuben's Train," such as the Grayson/Whitter "Train 45" recording, are so mixed with this song that it's literally impossible to tell whether they are versions of this song or that; those interested should consult the references to both songs. - RBW
"Five Hundred Miles," composed by Hedy West and popular in the 1960s folk revival, is essentially a rewrite of this song with a different tune, but several overlapping verses. - PJS
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