One Morning in May (To Hear the Nightingale Sing) [Laws P14]

DESCRIPTION: A (soldier) and a pretty girl meet; they chat and he plays on the fiddle for her. When she asks him to play more, he says it is time to leave. She asks him to marry; he already has a wife and children
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1903 (Belden-BalladsSongsCollectedByMissourFolkloreSociety)
KEYWORDS: soldier courting separation marriage fiddle
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MA,MW,NE,SE,So) Britain(Scotland,England(Lond,North,South)) Canada(Newf)
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cf. "The Gentleman Soldier" (plot)
cf. "Across the Blue Mountains" (theme)
cf. "The Crystal Spring" (plot)
cf. "1913 Massacre" (tune)
cf. "Harbour Le Cou" (theme)
cf. "The Nightingale (IV) (As I walked out one May morning my fortune for to seek)" (plot)
The Bold Grenadier
The Nightingale's Song, or the Soldier's Rare Musick and Maid's Recreation
File: LP14

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