Loss of the Ramillies, The [Laws K1]

DESCRIPTION: A heavy storm dooms the Ramillies. The boatswain orders the crew to the lifeboats. Hundreds drown in the wreck; only three or four survive
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1905 (Vaughan Williams collection)
KEYWORDS: ship storm wreck death
Feb 15, 1760 - Wreck of the Ramillies off the coast of Devonshire. Only 26 men survive
FOUND IN: Britain(England(Lond),Scotland(Aber)) Canada(Mar,Newf) US(NE)
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cf. "The Fatal Ramilies" (subject)
The Ramalie
The Ramilies
NOTES [134 words]: Ramillies was the site of one of Marlborough's great victories (1706), and several ships were named after it, from this ship to an early twentieth century dreadnought.
This Ramillies had a peculiar history; it actually predates the battle bearing its name! In 1664, the Royal Katherine was built, an 84-gun ship. It was "rebuilt" in 1702 (a subterfuge used by the Royal Navy at the time: They built a new ship with some of the old timber). The rebuilt ship was renamed after the battle of Ramillies. (She would be rebuilt again in 1749.)
Half a century after the rebuilding and renaming, having been part of the fleet which failed to save Mallorca, Ramillies was wrecked off Bolt Head on her way to Plymouth. There are thought to have been 725 men aboard at the time, of whom only 26 survived. - RBW
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