Boll Weevil, The [Laws I17]

DESCRIPTION: The boll weevil, which is just "a-lookin' for a home," inevitably comes in conflict with the cotton farmer. The farmer tries many techniques to drive the weevil out; the weevil, far from being inconvenienced, is often represented as thanking the farmer
AUTHOR: possibly Postal McCurdy & Emabel Palmer
EARLIEST DATE: 1916 (excerpt quoted in H. V. Benedict and John A. Lomax, The Book of Texas, p. 75)
KEYWORDS: animal bug poverty farming
c. 1898 - Boll Weevil arrives in the southern U.S. from Mexico
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cf. "Poor Man Blues" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Frankie and Albert" [Laws I3] (tune)
NOTES [204 words]: Sandburg-TheAmericanSongbag reports collections of Boll Weevil verses dating back to 1897, but it is not clear in context whether these are actually part of this song. - RBW, PJS
And indeed, the origins of the song are obscure, or at least messy. The Bernard, Hare & Arkansas Trio recordings credit the authorship to McCurdy & Palmer, as does a regional guide to the town of Fakes Chapel [state unknown] which claims that McCurdy wrote the "'well-known' folk song" there in 1923. The recordings, of course, make this date impossible, but he seems to have had a hand in the creation of some well-known verses. Fiddlin' John Carson copyrighted his version in 1924, and it certainly contains some of the classic lines. - PJS
Sandburg, incidentally, enjoyed this song so much that he occasionally signed letters "Boll Weevil"; see Herbert Mitgang, editor, The Letters of Carl Sandburg, Harcort Brace & World, 1968, pp. 207, 241. - RBW
Not all the versions included here are "looking for a home" but they all share the set of boll weevil verses. Some are in a traditional blues form, and those don't share tunes or line structure; listen, for example, to Pink Anderson, Charley Patton, Bessie Smith, and Blind Willie McTell. - BS
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