Young Charlotte (Fair Charlotte) [Laws G17]

DESCRIPTION: Pretty Charlotte, going to a dance on a cold night, refuses to dress properly; warm clothes would hide her charms. First she complains of the cold, but then says "I'm growing warmer now." When they arrive at the ball, her escort finds her frozen to death
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1883 (Smith/Hatt/Fowke-SeaSongsBalladFromNineteenthCenturyNovaScotia)
KEYWORDS: courting death beauty
Feb 8, 1840 - The New York Observer publishes a story, "A Corpse Going to a Ball," describing a tragedy like this one which took place on Jan 1, 1840
FOUND IN: US(All) Canada(Mar,Newf,Ont)
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cf. "The Shepherd on the Hill" (theme)
The Fair Sharlot
NOTES [242 words]: This ballad is widely considered to be based on an incident which took place on Jan. 1, 1840, when a girl froze on her way to a ball (the story was reported in the Feb. 8 New York Observer). In 1843 (probably) the poem "A Corpse Going to a Ball" was published by Seba Smith in "The Rover"; the ballad is frequently linked to that lyric (Botkin places the poem in 1884, but Smith died before that).
The matter remains controversial, though; others have linked it to the death of Charlotte Dills, frozen to death in Auburn, Indiana in 1862. And Barry credited the song to a William Lorenzo Carter of Virginia and dated it before 1833 -- though he later accepted the attribution to Smith.
For what it is worth, Laws accepts the attribution to Smith.
Smith almost certainly should be credited with a similar piece, "Stratton Mountain Tragedy" [Laws G18], which also involves a young woman dying in a blizzard (only, there, she dies while saving her child from freezing); one wonders how much Smith's ideas cross-fertilized. For more on him, see that song.
A Washington Post story dated December 8, 2019 claims that, when porcelain dolls began to be marketed in the nineteenth century, they were called "Frozen Charlottes" because they were white and stiff. If the article is right that the term goes back to the 1850s, and is connected to this song (and I have no reason to doubt either claim), then the connection to Charlotte Dills seems impossible. - RBW
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