DESCRIPTION: "Last Hogmanay, at the Glesga Fair, there were me, mysel', and several mair, We a' gaed aff tae hae a tair And spend the nicht in Rothesay-O." And a tear it truly was, as they drank, sang, fought, slept, and were bitten by bugs in Rothesay.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1904 (Ford)
KEYWORDS: party drink humorous
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland)
REFERENCES (4 citations):
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Roud #2142
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cf. "The Tinkler's Waddin (The Tinker's Wedding)" (tune)
cf. "The Day I Went to Rothesay O" (lyrics)
The Tinkler's Waddin (The Tinker's Wedding) (File: RcTTWttw)
File: K282

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