Go And Dig My Grave

DESCRIPTION: "Go and dig my grave both long and narrow, Make my coffin neat and strong... Two, two to my head, two, two to my feet, Two to carry me, Lord,when I die." "My soul's gonna shine lie a star... I'm bound for heaven when I die."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1893 (Edwards)
KEYWORDS: religious nonballad
FOUND IN: West Indies(Bahamas)
REFERENCES (4 citations):
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Roud #15633
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cf. "The Little Beggar Boy" (floating verses)
NOTES [60 words]: Fred W. Allsopp, in Folklore of Romantic Arkansas, Volume II, p. 159, reports an item in Harper's Magazine in 1878 with the chorus
Soul shall shine lak a star in de mornin',
Soul shall shine lak a star in de mornin';
Oh, my little soul's gwine to rise an' shine,
Oh, my little soul's gwine to rise an' shine.
Whether that is related to this I do not know. - RBW
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