Capital Ship, A

DESCRIPTION: Parody of fo'c'sle song; describes miserable conditions on the "Walloping Window Blind," including descriptions of the officers. They are stranded for a time on the "Gulliby Isles"; they commandeer a Chinese junk and escape, leaving its crew on the island
AUTHOR: Charles Edward Carryl?
EARLIEST DATE: 1959 (Untermeyer, _The Golden Treasury of Poetry_)
KEYWORDS: ship wreck humorous parody sailor moniker nonsense campsong
REFERENCES (5 citations):
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cf. "Ten Thousand Miles Away" (tune)
cf. "Ho for California (Banks of Sacramento)" (tune)
The Walloping Window Blind
NOTES [42 words]: This is basically a nonsense parody of "Ten Thousand Miles Away"; I suspect it was composed by some collegiate character in the 1890s or so. - PJS
Except for the date (I believe it's somewhat earlier that that), that seems indeed to be the story. - RBW
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