Down by the Sally Gardens

DESCRIPTION: Singer meets his sweetheart by the Sally Gardens; she bid him to "take love easy," but he is foolish and does not. He is now filled with remorse
AUTHOR: Words: William Butler Yeats / Music: Traditional
KEYWORDS: grief courting youth lover
FOUND IN: Britain
REFERENCES (5 citations):
Hylands-Mammoth-Hibernian-Songster, p. 164, "Down by the Sally Gardens" (1 text)
Silber/Silber-FolksingersWordbook, p. 182, "Down By The Sally Gardens" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: Kathleen Hoagland, editor, One Thousand Years of Irish Poetry (New York, 1947), p. 598, "Down by the Salley Gardens" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: Donagh MacDonagh and Lennox Robinson, _The Oxford Book of Irish Verse_ (Oxford, 1958, 1979), p. 132, "Down by the Salley Gardens" (1 text)

cf. "You Rambling Boys of Pleasure (Down by Sally's Garden)"
Down By the Salley Gardens
NOTES [40 words]: This is barely a ballad, but there is the skeleton of a narrative, and it seems to have entered the repertoire. - PJS
It seems to have had roots in tradition, though. See "Down In my Sally's Garden" and "You Rambling Boys of Pleasure." - RBW
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