False Young Man, The (The Rose in the Garden, As I Walked Out)

DESCRIPTION: The young man greets the girl after a long separation and asks her to sit down with him. She will not; "You've given your heart to another one...." She remembers his strange oaths, and says young men will prove true when fish fly like birds.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1908 (collected by Olive Dame Campbell; in Sharp-EnglishFolkSongsFromSouthernAppalachians); +1876 (Christie, _Traditional Ballad Airs I_)
KEYWORDS: love courting separation infidelity lie rejection lyric
FOUND IN: Canada(Ont) Britain(England(Lond,South,West),Scotland) Ireland US(Ap,MA,SE,So)
REFERENCES (20 citations):
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ST FJ166 (Partial)
Roud #419
Frank & Francis McPeake, "The False Young Man" (on FSB01)
Mary Murphy, "The False Young Man" (on FSBFTX15)

cf. "False, False Hae Ye Been To Me, My Love" (theme)
cf. "Rocky Mountain Top" (lyrics)
Johnny's The Lad I Love
Rocky Mountain Side
NOTES [134 words]: In America, this has become almost purely lyric (consider "White Oak Mountain":
"I will never believe a young man any more
Let his eyes be blue, black, or brown
Save he were on the top of a high gallows tree
A-swearing he wished to come down!") -- so much so that I originally classified the versions separately. Then the common lyrics convinced me to lump them. But Steve Roud put Sharp's "Rocky Mountain Top" a separate song (#3608), so I have done the same. Nonetheless there are enough intermediate forms to prove identity.
The song also mixes somewhat with "Foggy Mountain Top," itself a largely mixed and incoherent piece. Short lyric texts might perhaps go with either. - RBW
Also see Planxty, "'P' Stands for Paddy, I Suppose" (on Planxty, "Cold Blow on the Rainy Night," Shanachie 79011 (1979)) - BS
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