When I Was Young (Don't Never Trust a Sailor)

DESCRIPTION: A girl laments the loss of her virginity to a sailor, (who gives her half a dollar for "the damage I have done," and advises if she has a son to send him off to sea). She is found to be pregnant. Her parents throw her out. She warns girls against sailors
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1929 (Greenleaf/Mansfield-BalladsAndSeaSongsOfNewfoundland)
KEYWORDS: bawdy sailor seduction sex warning
FOUND IN: US(MW,So,SW) Canada(Newf)
REFERENCES (9 citations):
Cray-EroticMuse, pp. 75-78, "When I Was Young" (2 texts, 1 tune)
Randolph 806, "Don't Never Trust a Sailor" (1 text)
Randolph/Legman-RollMeInYourArms I, pp. 74-80, "When I Was Young and Foolish" (2 texts, 2 tunes)
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Morgan/Green-RugbySongs, pp. 41-43, "Once There Was a Servant Girl Whose Name Was Mary Jane" (1 text, which appears to have been made even more bawdy than the original song, so it might perhaps be a very crude rewrite of "Rosemary Lane" rather than this piece)

ST EM075 (Full)
Roud #954
Dillard Chandler, "The Sailor Being Tired" (on OldLove, DarkHoll)
cf. "Rosemary Lane" [Laws K43]
cf. "The Gatesville Cannonball"
cf. "Oh, No, Not I" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Rambleaway" (plot)
The Night Hawk
The Sailor-Girl's Lament
NOTES [57 words]: Randolph/Legman-RollMeInYourArms has extensive historical notes, separating this "inch-above-the-knee" song from "Bell Bottom Trousers/Rosemary Lane." - EC
For discussion of this song and its ancestry, see the entry on "Rosemary Lane" [Laws K43]. The pieces here may not be a unity; one might describe this as bawdy remnants of that ballad. - RBW
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File: EM075

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