When Jones's Ale Was New

DESCRIPTION: Stories from Jones's Bar. Various drinkers come in, each with his tale or his unruly behavior or his demand. Most are hard workers whose burdens are relieved by the ale.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: apparently 1594 (stationer's register)
KEYWORDS: drink nonballad landlord ritual
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MA) Britain(England(All),Scotland) Australia
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cf. "The Young Man Who Travelled Up and Down"
Jone's ale is newe
When John's Sail Was New
NOTES [146 words]: Hyder E. Rollins, An Analytical Index to the Ballad-Entries (1557-1709) In the Register of the Company of Stationers of London, 1924 (I use the 1967 Tradition Press reprint with a new Foreword by Leslie Shepard), p. 111, #1288 is "Jones ale is newe," entered by Jno. Danter on October 16, 1594. On November 15, 1594, Edward White entered "the vnthriftes adiew to Jones ale is newe. (Rollins #2793, p. 241). Individually, the title wouldn't be enough to prove the existence of this song, but the fact that two printers used the title at the same time strongly hints that it is this song.
On March 25, 1656, Thomas Vere printed "Joane's ale is New" (Rollinds, #1289, p. 111). I can't prove that it's the same, either, but once again it seems likely. - RBW
The song was sung by the "jolly boys" (pace-eggers) in Overton, Lancs, as part of their Easter house-to-house ritual. - PJS
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