Jolly Grinder, The

DESCRIPTION: "There was a jolly grinder Once lived by the river Don. He worked and sang from morn till night, And sometimes he worked none." The grinder rails against teetotalers, informing them, "Attend to your work if you've ought to do And don't interfere with me."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1978 (Raven)
KEYWORDS: drink work
FOUND IN: Britain
REFERENCES (2 citations):
ADDITIONAL: Jon Raven, _VIctoria's Inferno: Songs of the Old Mills, Mines, Manufacturies, Canals, and Railways_, Roadside Press, 1978, p. 154, "The Jolly Grinders" (1 text)

cf. "The Miller of Dee" (tune)
cf. "These Temperance Folks" (theme)
The Miller of Dee (File: K229A)
NOTES [28 words]: This is quite obviously an answer to, and parody of, "The Miller of Dee," providing a somewhat sarcastic response to the (really rather tame) moralizing of that song. - RBW
File: DTjollgr

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