Jordan Is a Hard Road to Travel (II)

DESCRIPTION: Uncle Dave Macon gives his opinions about automobiles, evangelists, Henry Ford, and other matters. Chorus is "Haul [take] off your overcoat, roll up your sleeves/Jordan is a hard road to travel I believe"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1927 (recording, Uncle Dave Macon)
KEYWORDS: technology humorous nonballad derivative
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Cohen/Seeger/Wood-NewLostCityRamblersSongbook, pp. 188-189, "Other Side of Jordan" (1 text, 1 tune)
Silber/Silber-FolksingersWordbook, p. 55, "The Other Side of Jordan" (1 text)

Uncle Dave Macon, "Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel" (Vocalion 5153, 1927)
cf. ""Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel" (words, music)
cf. "Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel"
NOTES [46 words]: Uncle Dave Macon, who had little good to say about automobiles, ran a horse-and-wagon drayage business.
Although this song derives its chorus and structure from "Jordan am a Hard Road to Travel," in Uncle Dave's hands it becomes a completely different song from Dan Emmett's. - PJS
File: CSW188

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