John of Hazelgreen [Child 293]

DESCRIPTION: A lady is weeping for John of Hazelgreen, whom she is not permitted to marry. She is offered marriage to another; this is little to her liking. By some means or other she meets Hazelgreen, and they are married
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1827 (Kinloch)
KEYWORDS: elopement love marriage separation
FOUND IN: Britain(England,Scotland(Aber,Bord)) US(MW,NE,SE,So) Canada(Mar,Newf)
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cf. "Nancy Dawson" (plot)
cf. "Lady Jean" (plot)
cf. "Parody on Jock o' Hazeldean" (parody)
Jock o Hazeldean
John over the Hazel Green
Jock o Hazledean
NOTES [166 words]: Rewritten by Sir Walter Scott as "Jock o Hazeldean" -- a poem which has become perhaps more popular than the original ballad, and which is included in many poetic works (e.g. it is item CCXXVII in Palgrave's Golden Treasury).
Scholars since Child have debated the extent to which the Scott text (said to take only a single stanza from the traditional song) is influenced or has influenced tradition. One thing appears certain: The Scott text and some of the traditional versions are related (e.g. Davis's "J" is about 85% identical to the corresponding stanzas of Scott's text). Either the Scott text used more than the single stanza claimed, or his text has influenced tradition. - RBW
Broadside Bodleian Firth b.26(534) is a shortened version of the story.
There are broadsides of Scott's text. For example, Bodleian, Johnson Ballads fol. 30, "Jock o' Hazel Dean" ("Why weep ye by the tide lady?"), J. Catnach (London), 1813-1838; also Harding B 26(290), 2806 c.14(45), "Jock o' Hazel Dean"n. - BS
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