Lord Randal [Child 12]

DESCRIPTION: (Lord Randall) comes home; his mother questions him about his day. He answers each question accurately but incompletely, concluding with a request to rest. At last he reveals that his sweetheart has poisoned him.
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: homicide lover farewell lastwill food poison
FOUND IN: Britain(England,Scotland(All)) US(All) Ireland Canada(Mar,Que) West Indies(Jamaica) Australia
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Roud #10
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cf. "Billy Boy"
Jimmy Randolph
Jimmy Randal
Bonnie Wee Croodlin Doo
Tiranti, My Love
Henry, My Son
Willie Ransom
Oh Mak' My Bed Easy
NOTES [418 words]: A few versions, such as that recorded by Lawrence Older, make Randall's wife, rather than his sweetheart, his murderer. Wonder if she found out about that other girl he was fooling around with. - RBW
And in Grace Carr's version, it's his father who poisons him. It's worth noting that the title "Henry, My Son" almost inevitably denotes a parody version. - PJS
Chambers, referring to "The Croodin Doo": "the same as a ballad called Grandmother Addercook, which is popular in Germany." - BS
I've seen several sources (notably Davis) mention that John Randolph of Virginia knew the song which sometimes bears his name. The text Randolph cited appears, however, to have been "Wheel of Fortune" or something similar.
Barry et al claim "It is reasonably safe to assert that, of all the English ballads, 'Lord Randall' holds in the United States the leading position, as regards the extent of purely traditional currency. 'Barbara Allen' and 'Lord Thomas' are, no doubt, known to more folk-singers, yet it cannot be said that their popularity is due solely to tradition, since both have been many times reprinted in pocket songsters. On the other hand, we know of no American broadside or songster text of 'Lord Randall.'"
Morgan-MedievalBallads-ChivalryRomanceAndEverydayLife, following Hodgart, suggests that this is about Ranulf, Earl of Chester, the greatest English landowner in the early 1200s, who was the presumed subject of the comment in Piers Plowman that Sloth knew "rhymes of Robin Hood and (Ranulf/Randolph) Earl of Chester." Supporting evidence for this is nil except the similarity in names and the throwaway line in Langland.
Nonetheless something similar does exist in an old British manuscript, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 48 -- a manuscript Child knew but largely ignored, citing from it only one piece, "The Hunting of the Cheviot" [Child 162]. (See that ballad for background on Ashmole 48). But item LXVIII has several verses that resemble "Lord Randall" both in the last line and in stanza form, e.g.
Fare well haukynge and huntynge bothe;
Fare well game, solace, and gle;
Fare well, my ladye, fayre of face,
I wene I wyll the never more se.
I so sycke, make my bed, I will dye nowe.
Farewell hawking and hunting both;
Farewell game, solace, and glee;
Fare well, my lady, fair of face,
I expect I will never more see you.
I [am] so sick, make my bed, I will die now.
For this text, see David C. Fowler, A Literary History of the Popular Ballad, Duke University Press, 1968, p. 121. - RBW
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