Victor E. Bulldog III Design Challenge 

$1,000 Prize Money!

Victor E. Bulldog is the live mascot of Fresno State and his handlers have challenged Fresno State students (any major) to design and build a collapsible platform/stage. It must elevate Victor E., making it easier for people to take photos with him (especially the elderly) and be easily transportable. 

Submit a three-page design narrative on Google Forms ( by Wednesday, November 15

Finalists Announced (Five students/teams): 
Friday, December 1

Victor E. Bulldog Design Challenge Presentations (Five students/teams): Friday, December 8

Winner(s) of student presentation will be "Challenged" to build platform/stage and showcase it at Lyles College of Engineering's 11th Annual Projects Day on Tuesday, May 8. 

Project Information: 

  • Lightweight. Easy for one person to unload/load, carry and setup.
  • Easy to transport. Able to fit in the back of Victor E. Bulldog’s official transportation sponsor car, along with all of his other supplies (car measurements provided below).
  • Portable. Design will likely require the stage to collapse/fold up.
  • Durable. Able to support up to 80 lbs. of pressure. Will not show wear and tear easily.
  • Long lasting. Must be made of material that will not rot, stain, or otherwise deteriorate.
  • Functional. Design should enable supplies and materials to be stored inside the stage. This is a strong “desirable”, but not an absolute mandatory of the project.
  • Enables audiences to get close to Victor E. Bulldog with comfort.
  • Safety. Enable Victor E. Bulldog to be accessible to audiences, but secured safely. Special considerations depending on final height of the stage, likely necessary for stage top to include a latch so he can be secured in place with his collar (via a security harness).
  • Design/Aesthetics. Must communicate a sense of pride, loyalty, perseverance. Must be consistent with brand values, personality (see brand policy).
  • Marketing. Must provide surface area for sponsor recognition. Easy to switch sponsors (i.e. sponsor logos must not be a part of the material itself, but must be an easy “add-on”, so that as sponsors change, the logo can be updated).

See Google Forms for Vehicle Photos and Description. 

Questions or more information contact:

Dr. The Nguyen 
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Lyles College of Engineering