Calculus Placement


Fresno State ALEKS PPL Portal

Bulldog Testing Center  (Instructions)

The Calculus Readiness Test (CRT) or ALEKS PPL placement is required for enrollment in MATH 75, MATH 75A, or MATH 70. 

If you passed the AP Calculus AB test with a score of 3 or higher, you may enroll directly into MATH 76. If you passed the AP Calculus BC test with a score of 3 or higher, you may directly enroll into MATH 77. If either of these cases above apply to you, please disregard the rest of the calculus placement policy. For more details on AP credit, please see  


  • ALEKS PPL is a learning and placement program. It uses adaptive questioning to determine your mathematical knowledge and skills quickly.
  • First register for ALEKS PPL.
  • When you log in at the Fresno State ALEKS PPL Portal, take the initial knowledge check. It will determine your preparation module, so do your best so you can skip topics you already know.
  • The ALEKS PPL system will give you topics to study and practice which are appropriate to your current skill level. It is advised that students complete at least 70% of their ALEKS PPL pie chart before taking another placement.
  • After practice and study, you may take another practice placement to see which course you would place in.
  • When ready, register for a proctored placement at the Bulldog Testing Center through RegisterBlast. Be sure to bring a Fresno State ID with you.
  • If you did not place for the course you would like, continue to practice in ALEKS PPL and register for another placement. You are allotted three proctored placements.


The CRT is a single placement exam consists of two parts* in one booklet:

  • The first 40 questions cover various topics, and
  • The last 10 questions are related to trigonometry.

Practice tests that illustrate some of the types of questions you will see in the Calculus Readiness Test can be taken online at:

*Students in biology that are trying to place in MATH 70 DO NOT need to take the trigonometry part of the CRT.

For a pdf document giving the details of the Spring 2019 Calculus Placement please click here.