Application Information




Application Components
Online application form with ALL questions completely answered
Unofficial transcripts of ALL colleges & universities attended uploaded with online application

Copy of GRE General Test Scores uploaded with online application

NOTE: If your GRE test was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis, please make a note of it on your BD application.  It is also recommended that you contact the faculty Graduate Coordinator for the program you are applying for to discuss your GRE situation. 

Current Curriculum Vitae or Resume uploaded with online application
Undergraduate LSAMP Coordinator Confirmation Form submitted online by Coordinator                     

(Note: Your LSAMP Coordinator will receive the link via email to upload the Form once your completed CSU-LSAMP BD online application is submitted.  The LSAMP Coordinator Confirmation form must be received by the deadline.)

Three (3) Letters of recommendation submitted online by faculty                                                               

(Note: Faculty will receive a link via email in order to complete a recommendation form and upload a letter of recommendation on your behalf once your completed CSU-LSAMP BD application is submitted online.  The letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline.)

Note: The following essay questions are included in the application:

1. Please describe any previous experience you have in research or related areas (200 word maximum).

2. Discuss your career plans after you complete your formal education, particularly how research fits your educational goals.  Why do you want to earn a PhD in science, engineering, or mathematics? (200 word maximum).

3. Explain how your selection as a LSAMP-BD Fellow will enhance minority participation in research careers (150 word maximum).

4. If there is a discrepancy between your grades in academic coursework and your potential, please explain (150 word maximum).

Important Deadlines

Cal State Apply & STEM Department Deadline (Some departments have separate application forms - call Department Office) 

Fresno State Graduate Degree Programs and Admissions Criteria

Fresno State LSAMP-BD Complete Application Materials due by the extended deadline of 4/17/2020.

Graduate Program:

Apply By (Fall):

Physics, MS

April 1st
Geology, MS April 15th

Computer Science, MS

May 1st
Mathematics, MS May 31st

Agricultural Science, MS

Biology, MS

Civil Engineering, MS *Water Resources & Environmental Engineering

Engineering, MS *Computer Engineering *Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, MS

Plant Science, MS

Viticulture and Enology, MS

June 1st
Chemistry, MS June 30th