Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of CSM BOND?

A: The CSM BOND program began as a grant funded program under the name of the CSM First Year Experience program (FYE) in 2015. It targets incoming freshman with majors in the College of Science and Math. It is a cohort style program with two main components, the Summer Experience, and  CSM 10 course and CSM 15 courses.

  • Summer Experience: The Summer experience takes place the week before classes begin for the Fall semester. During the Summer Experience students are led by Peer Leaders in various activities, experiments, introducing them to the campus, faculty and their peers.

  • CSM 10: The Scientific Method in fall (GE Area A3) and CSM 15: Evidence Based Decision Making in the spring (GE Area E). Both of these courses are DISCOVERe courses and are geared towards preparing them with a foundation to succeed in their rigorous coursework as CSM majors.

The overall goal of the program is to increase students sense of self efficacy, sense of belonging as well as their critical thinking and quantitative learning in hope to increase student retention rates, graduation rate, and minimize the achievement gap, of CSM students.

Q: Who takes BOND?

A:  All College of Science and Math majors can participate in the BOND program.

Q: How can the CSM BOND program help me in my academic career?

A:  The BOND program will provide you with a community of peers, faculty, and mentors that will help you throughout your time at Fresno State. You will be connected to campus resources and opportunities that will give you a "leg-up" throughout your career. You will also be guaranteed enrollment in courses you need to graduate.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for the CSM BOND program?

A: First time freshman at Fresno State. Major in one of the following majors: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, earth and environmental sciences, geology, mathematics, natural sciences, physics, psychology.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: The program university believes your first year is important and priceless, so it won't cost you a dime.

Q: Can I join this program if I am not a CSM major?

A: Unfortunately, no. Our program is designed to specifically support CSM majors and to be a part of our program when you are not of the correct major could actually be detrimental.

Q: How do I join the CSM BOND program?

A: Apply here by May 24th. 

Q: Do I have to attend the Summer Experience?

A: Yes. The Summer Experience is a required component of the CSM BOND program and failure to attend can forfeit your position in the program. This year the Summer Experience will be from August 15th to 16th or 19th to 20th. Additional information about the Summer Experience will be sent out to your Fresno State email as we get closer to the date. If you have concerns about attending the Summer Experience or possible time conflicts, please email the Advising and Resources Center Director, Jaime Arvizu,

Q: What are the required CSM BOND classes?


  • CSM 10: The Scientific Method, 3 unit DISCOVERe course, taken during the fall semester. Practice in the application of the scientific method to locally relevant problems and challenges. The evaluation of inductive and deductive arguments couple with the evaluation of experimental data to develop and test scientific hypotheses.
  • CSM 15: Evidence Based Decision Making, 3 unit DISCOVERe course, taken during the spring semester. Practice in the evaluation and use of quantitative evidence in reasoned decision making. Topics include uncertainty, significance, trends, experimental design and causality.

Q: What is DISCOVERe?

A: DISCOVERe Mobile Technology Program is at the core of President Joseph I. Castro's bold vision of finding new ways to teach that will engage and challenge students to improve their success in the classroom. It's an aggressive initiative to break down the digital divide and rethink educating tomorrow's leaders.

Both CSM 10 and CSM 15 are DISCOVERe courses. Our students can use their own devices, whether they be tablets or laptops - the important thing is that students bring their device to every class session. These DISCOVERe courses have been redesigned to offer students an enhanced learning experience. Mobile devices will offer students portability, convenience, and teaching materials anywhere anytime. When registering for classes, these courses will be denoted as "DISCOVERe class. If students do not have their own device, a loaner iPad is available through the DISCOVERe Hub located on the main floor of the library.

" Tablets are a teaching and learning tool that Fresno State will embrace to meet the needs of today's tech-savvy students-those already enrolled and future students from throughout the Valley and state who already are using tablets in K-12 schools." - Joseph I. Castro, President, California State University, Fresno

Q: I don’t have a laptop or tablet. Can I still be a part of the CSM BOND program?

A: Yes! As long as you complete the CSM BOND application by May 24th our program can work with you to have access to a tablet for loan during your time in the program.

Q: Do I have to take both of the CSM classes?

A: Yes. Being a part of the CSM BOND program is a one year commitment, and in order to get the full impact and benefit from the program you need to stay within the program for your entire first year.

Q: What if I change my major while I am in the program?

A: If you change your major to a non-CSM major during your time in the program we ask that you first meet with Dr. Arvizu in the Advising and Resource Center (ARC). When you change your major some of your course requirements may also change and so, Dr. Arvizu will help you navigate whether the program would still be a good fit for you and your new career path. You can make an appointment with Dr. Jaime Arvizu by calling the ARC at 278.4150.

Q: What is ARC?

A: ARC is the Advising and Resource Center, Located in Sci 1 Room 136. ARC oversees the College of Science and Math students with registration, academic holds, and connecting them with campus resources. If you want to make an appointment with an advisor call 278.4150.

Q: What are some important dates that I need to know?


March 15

First day to accept admission offer and register for Dog Days (BOND Dog Days are June 21-22)

March 23

Preview Day

May 24 Deadline to submit BOND application
June 13-14, July 2-3 BOND Dog Days
August 10-11 or 13-14 Summer Experience

Q: Who do I contact with questions about CSM BOND?

A:  Depends on the question! For questions about the program overall we encourage you to contact the Advising and Resources Center Director, Jaime Arivizu,, while for questions about the CSM 10 and 15 courses we encourage you to contact one of the professors whose contact info is found on the CSM BOND Team Page.

Q:  Where can I find more information about the program?

A:  Check out our social media!