Photo of Mara Brady

Mara Brady
Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 2012

Assistant Professor
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
California State University, Fresno
2576 E. San Ramon Ave., Mail Stop ST-24
Fresno, CA 93740
Tel.  (559) 278-2948
Fax. (559) 278-5980

Office: Science II 128


Sedimentology & Stratigraphy, Taphonomy, Quantitative Stratigraphic Methods, Paleobiology

Teaching Interests & Philosophy:
My goal in the classroom is to make science accessible to all students so that they can interpret and evaluate scientific findings and then carry that ability throughout their life regardless of their career path.  I achieve this goal by (1) encouraging and acknowledging the value of student inquiry, (2) highlighting that there is often more than one acceptable response to a lab exercise or problem, and (3) challenging students to use their own skills, knowledge, and the tools available to work through problems and exercises.

In Fall 2012, I am teaching Stratigraphy (EES 122) and Environmental Earth & Life Science (NSCI 115).

In future semesters, I look forward to teaching Sedimentology (EES 102 – planned for Spring 2013), Historical Geology (EES 2), Planet Earth Through Time (EES 112), Basin Analysis (EES 232), Depositional Systems (EES 231), and other general education courses.  I also plan to develop upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level seminars that explore specialized topics such as Quantitative Stratigraphy, Carbonate Depositional Systems, and Petroleum Geology.

Research Interests:
The driving force behind my research is a desire to identify and account for variations in the quality of the geologic record across space and time.  My research integrates stratigraphic and paleontological data to develop a better understanding of the controls on the preservation of the sedimentary and fossil records.  Grounded in original field-collected data, my research aims to create a quantitative framework for interpreting, analyzing, and comparing these records across disparate geologic settings and time periods.  To date, my research efforts have large focused on Devonian carbonate-dominated, marine records.  However, I am also enthusiastic about investigating similar questions in siliciclastic, younger, and even non-marine records.  I look forward to developing a field-based research program that takes advantage of the abundant sedimentary rocks exposed in California.

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