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Get the latest information about Fall 2021 Repopulation and COVID-19. Before coming to campus, take the COVID-19 Daily Screening.

Discover Computer Science

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Computer science majors are part of a constantly evolving field that has virtually unlimited growth. From programming technology for major companies to creating video games that are played by millions, computer scientists build and maintain complex technological systems used throughout society. 

The goal of the Department of Computer Science is to offer programs to a diverse audience:

  1. students interested primarily in computing.
  2. students interested primarily in applying to compute to some other field of study.
  3. students who wish to include computing as part of their general education.

Petition for Fall 2021 permission numbers can be found here: 

You may find more registration information here

Here is some important information for students who need CSCI courses in Fall 2021, regardless of your major.
1. Utilize your registration priority well to enroll in the courses you need ASAP. Many core/popular courses will be full the first day/hour of registration. Your priority can be found in the link above. 
2. For those courses that are full, please fill out the Google sheets for  undergraduate courses and/or graduate courses. The department will use these Google sheets as "waitlists" for all CSCI courses. The waitlists for CSCi classes will be purged the day before instruction begins for Fall 2021 (August 22, 2021).  The Department will make a copy of those students who are on the waitlists and we will use the Google sheets along with students' DPR to determine the eligibility and the order of enrollment. Note that these Google sheets are not first come first serve. They are needed based. A spot is NOT guaranteed when a course is full. 
3. Students are required to attend the first week of the courses that they request for permission numbers. All CSCI classes and labs zoom links will be posted on the department website before the first day of Fall 2021. Absent students are ineligible to obtain permission numbers.
4. The department will start to assign permission numbers during the first week of the semester. Any new requests of permission numbers will not be reviewed after the first week of the semester*
5. Note that permission numbers are not exchangeable between students. They are assigned after the department's careful reviews. Students violating this policy will be disenrolled from the course and will have lower priority for future permission number requests. 

*Exceptions will be only given to compelling cases with proofs provided. 

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