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Why Do Research?

Research provides in-depth exposure to the frontiers of chemistry and the culture of scientific research.  Almost every undergraduate student that has undertaken a research project has found it to be an exciting and rewarding experience. Research can help you acquire a spirit of inquiry, initiative, independence, sound judgment, patience, persistence, alertness, and the ability to use the chemical literature. Here are just a few advantages of conducting research: 

  1. Many companies consider undergraduate research as "experience."
  2. Research helps you focus on career choices.
  3. It offers you a chance to "do" chemistry.
  4. It provides you with valuable hands-on experience with instrumentation.
  5. It provides an opportunity for you to hone your critical thinking skills.
  6. It helps you improve your oral and written communication skills.
  7. It allows you to earn credit toward graduation.
  8. It makes you a more competitive applicant for scholarships. 
  9. Research provides an opportunity for you to get published!!

Students interested in pursuing a career in chemistry or biochemistry are encouraged to seek out opportunities to participate in the research programs supervised by the Chemistry Department faculty. The department offers diverse opportunities for scientific investigation within the traditional areas of Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry.