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  • Ms. Candice Cortney, MS (


Dr. Laurent Dejean, Chemistry


Mechanisms of mitochondrial proteins

Dr. Joy Goto, Chemistry

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Parkinsonism dementia complex (ALS-PDC): Proteomic, electrophysiological and behavioral approach

Interaction of specific proteins involved in the abnormal proteolytic processing in Alzheimer's disease

Oxidative stress and transition metal ion homeostasis investigations in fruit flies as a model of aging

Dr. David Lent, Biology


Neuroethology and neurobiology

Adaptive behaviors and neural plasticity

Insect cognition

Behavior and neural mechanisms underlying spatial processing, learning and memory, and navigation

Dr. Ulrike Muller, Biology

Biomechanics of animal locomotion

Fish swimming, animal flight, biofluid mechanics

Ontogenetic development of locomotion

Biochemical implications of ontogenetic development and niche shifts in aquatic organisms

Science communication

Dr. Jason Bush, Biology

Cell biology

Cancer biology


Molecular biology

Biomedical research

Dr. Mamta Rawat, Biology

Medical Microbiology

Molecular pathogenesis and pathogenomics

Drug resistance

Biochemistry and the role of thiols in microorganisms

Stress response of microorganisms

Bioremediation capacity of actinomycetes

Dr. Karine Gousset, Biology


Cell biology


Dr. Jai Pil Choi, Chemistry

Metal and semiconductor nanoparticles

Electrocatalysis for fuel cells

Electrogenerated chemiluminescence, electron transport, and molecular spectroscopy

Electron or energy transfer between donors and acceptors in the molecular and nanoparticle systems

Dr. Qiao-Hong Chen, Chemistry  

Development of macrolide-based microtubule stabilizing agents for the treatment of multi-drug resistant cancer

Development of improved analogs of natural dietary products for the treatment of advanced metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Dr. Hwan Youn, Biology

Structure, function, and physiological impact of microbial environmental sensor proteins

Molecular engineering of microbial transcription factors

Functional genomics of microbial virulence factors

Dr. Paul Price, Psychology

Judgment and decision making

Risk communication and judgment

Informal quantitative reasoning

Social and health-related judgment

Dr. Martin Shapiro

Learning, decision making, and neuroscience

Dr. Tricia Van Laar

Microbial pathogenesis

Microbial metabolism

Antimicrobial resistance/tolerance


Avian microbiota