Carol Chandler – Chandler Farms

The Institute for Family Business has provided our family farm with invaluable information on succession planning, estate taxation, and issues that are unique to families in business together. Seminars and panel discussions allow for interaction with other family business members and give time for networking and sharing ideas. We are grateful that the IFB is in existence to assist family businesses to remain viable and successful in future generations.

Carol Chandler
Chandler Farms

Roy Oken – Wonder Valley Ranch Resort

We joined the Institute for Family Business not knowing what to expect. I have learned something useful at every meeting I have attended. We were able to avoid making mistakes by listening to others who have gone through our same obstacles. It is much easier and less expensive to learn from others than to make the mistakes yourself.

Roy Oken
Wonder Valley Ranch Resort

Stan Oken – Wonder Valley Resort

Listening to other family businesses at IFB meetings gave me the feeling that we are not the only family facing some family business challenges. I got this idea from another IFB member: to bring in non-family board members. This move professionalized not only our meetings but has had a positive impact on our business.

Stan Oken
Chairman of the Board
Wonder Valley Resort

Steven Orlando – Sunnyland Mills

Our company has been an IFB member since 2007, and have been very pleased with the support and information that we have obtained from this institute. We have taken valuable information from these seminars and have applied it to our family business. The staff is very supportive and friendly on all family business levels. I have also found the website very informative and useful. Through the IFB, I have developed relationships with other family business members who have been a peer group to my family business and me. Thanks for all that you do.

Steven Orlando
Sunnyland Mills


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