Board Members

These individuals represent family businesses and/or our service providers to family businesses. Each member has elected to participate as a board member, and to make themselves available to the general membership at our seminars and sometimes on a one-on-one basis for your family business concerns. Also, they assist in governing the IFB and work in committees on specific projects. The Advisory Board meets regularly, in addition to the normal sessions.

Their purpose is to provide community service for the family and privately-owned-and-run businesses in a non-commercial environment. Many of these individuals also run their own organizations and provide experience to the general membership.

Board Officers

Officer Role Organization (Generation of Family Business)
Fernando Parra Director Institute for Family Business
Erin Mastriano Secretary Delray Tire & Retreading Inc (2nd Generation)


Board Members

Member Term Organization
Rob Cozzi, Jr. 2015-2018 Principal Financial Group
Brian Ekmanian 2016-2019 JP Morgan Chase
Don Stengel, Dean 
Unlimited Craig School of Business
Erin Mastriano 
2013-2017 Delray Tire & Retreading Inc. 
(2nd Generation)
Kalene Oken-Ramirez 2016-2019 Wonder Valley Ranch Resort
(3rd Generation)
Cara Peracchi, Development
Unlimited Craig School of Business
Sal Rana
Unlimited University Business Center
Fred Ruiz  Legacy Ruiz Foods
Fernando Parra
Unlimited Institute for Family Business

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