Craig Honors Thesis

The Craig School of Business Honors Program provides an intellectually rewarding academic experience to students majoring in Business Administration or Economics or Fashion Merchandising. The program provides the opportunity for qualified students who would like to conduct undergraduate research to complete an honors thesis.


Subject to approval to participate, selected students would enroll in two-unit independent studies over two consecutive semesters. The minimum criteria for completion of the first independent study is the completion of an introduction and literature review (including the identification of the research questions/hypotheses).  The criteria for successful completion of the second and final independent study requires the completion of the full honors thesis.

Faculty and Department chairs are encouraged to assist qualified students in identifying an acceptable faculty member willing to serve as a thesis advisor. The faculty thesis approves the successful completion of the first independent study. The thesis advisor, Department Chair and the Dean (or her designee) approve completion of an acceptable final thesis.


  • Senior status in the semester of the first independent study
  • At least a 3.5 overall GPA
  • Identify an acceptable research topic approved by the thesis advisor
  • Identify a thesis advisor that is approved by the Department Chair and the Dean (or her designee).
  • Complete the application form (link to application form HERE)
  • Complete an interview with the Honors Program Board


Once officially admitted into the Honors Program, you can register for an independent study course (XXX 190) in the department of your Business Administration option or the Economics major or the Fashion Merchandising major for 2 units. NOTE: It is possible and permissible for your thesis advisor to be from a different department in the Craig School of Business. So, for example, a student who is in the Accountancy option could have a Management faculty or Economics faculty member as an honors thesis advisor, but the student would register for 2 units of ACCT 190.

By registering for an independent study in the department of your option or major, the school can readily allow you to use your independent study units to replace a 3-unit elective requirement toward your degree.  It is generally accepted in the Craig School of Business that successful completion of an honors thesis qualifies for replacement of one 3-unit elective in the Business Administration option or Economics major, as long as the other electives applied toward the degree are "regular" course units, i.e., not internships or another independent study. HOWEVER, whether the independent studies count toward option or major requirements varies by option and department. 

IMPORTANT: You should confirm that the completion of the honors thesis will qualify as an elective course replacement with the Department Chair for your option or major, or with Ms. Catherine Kuchar in the B.A.S.E. (Business Advising & Student Experiences) Center in room 185 (

  • FIRST SEMESTER: During the first semester of your honors thesis preparation, you should formalize your topic, research questions, and literature review. Toward the end of the semester, if you and your advisor agree that satisfactory progress has been made, you can register for a second XXX 190 independent study course for two units.

  • SECOND SEMESTER: During the second semester (or earlier), you should complete your data collection, do the analysis, write up your honors thesis, and present it at the Central California Research Symposium in April or at a comparable research forum approved by the Department Chair and the Dean (or her designee).

NOTE to Faculty Thesis Advisors:  At the completion of each of the XXX 190 independent study courses, please notify Ms. Catherine Kuchar in the B.A.S.E. (Business Advising & Student Experiences) Center ( of the grades earned by the student.

: When your honors thesis has been accepted by your thesis advisor as complete and satisfactory, he or she should report the satisfactory completion to the Associate Dean. We will recognize your accomplishment at our annual awards ceremony and/or at the CSB Convocation.


For Questions, please contact Dr. David Vera, Associate Dean, at (559) 278-4935 or email