Community Recreation and Youth Services

Advisor: Dr. Brandon Taylor

Contact: 559.278.2315 or

The Community Recreation and Youth Services option prepares students to provide professional services designed to meet the recreation and social development needs of communities, families, and individuals.

Students will be exposed to the leisure needs of all ages, with a special focus on the needs of youth and the role of recreation in creating change.

In addition to core recreation courses, students will choose from electives such as child development, gerontology, non-profit management, and juvenile delinquency.

Students will also have the opportunity to gain certificates in areas such as special event planning and serving youth at-risk as well as American Humanics.

Employment may be found in settings such as community (municipal) recreation agencies, non-profit agencies, youth agencies, organizing camping, youth ranches, and K-12 and higher educational settings.


This area of study prepares students for employment in public and non-profit recreation settings:


  • City and County Recreation Departments
  • State and Federal Government Agencies
  • Non-Profit Agencies such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouting and YMCA
  • Organized Camping
  • University Student Life Programs


Option in Community Recreation and Youth Services


Complete RA 113, 117, 121, 133, 135 or MKTG 100S, RA 139 and


(30-31 units)

Select from the following:

RA 106, 146; REC 74, 75; CFS 39, 136, CRIM 120; EHD 107; GERON 10S, 140; KINES 32; MCJ 106, 152S; MGT 133S; PLSI 163; PSYCH 102; SSCI 150T (150T repeatable up to 2 units)

(8-9 units)