Community Engagement

The Department of Recreation Administration offers two significant ways in which we engage our students in solving community problems and addressing needs of recreation and park organizations. Faculty and students work together in the following programs:

Recreation Research and Service (R2S) provides an opportunity to join community and University resources in developing park and recreation opportunities which enrich our social and cultural heritage, social and economic well-being, quality of life, and environmental quality. The primary purpose of R2S is to enhance education by linking theory to practice, while providing research and training services to parks and recreation agencies. The mission of R2S is too promote park and recreation planning and policy in the San Joaquin Valley which supports beneficial social, cultural and environmental relationships in the community development process and facilitates the use of sustainable practices within management practices.

Sustainable Park and Recreation Community Initiative (SPARCI) is a partnership between Fresno State’s Department of Recreation Administration and parks and recreation agencies in the San Joaquin Valley. SPARCI is a project to engage communities with the broader university community in idea generation and problem solving. If a community is accepted into the program, park and recreation agencies will have access to many faculty and students to focus on needs of the agency.

Students, through their course work, engage in meaningful real-world projects and contribute to the quality of life of residents in a community in the valley.  Students from across the University assist local governments with partner-directed projects that address their smart growth, quality of life, parks, recreation programs, and sustainability goals.