About the Department

Our department is proud to be active at Fresno State in the number of students and faculty engaged in service learning and community engagement. As part of the degree, our students complete between 500 to 1000 hours of pre-internship service to park and recreation agencies and the community.

In addition, there are courses offered in the department that are designated “service-learning” as a part of the university’s overall program. The impact of the service learning courses is significant. In the last year, our students logged 8,395 service learning hours! According to the Independent Sector’s Value of Volunteer Time and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economic impact of this service ranges from $136,385 to $193,672 annually. Finally, all students complete a 15 week 35-40 hour internship as a culminating experience.

Another opportunity for engagement is our program – Sustainable Parks and Recreation Community Initiative (SPARCI). SPARCI provides a platform for almost all of our classes in Recreation Administration and other classes across campus to address park and recreation issues one city at a time. Learn More.

In addition, our department hosts the San Joaquin Valley Summit (Topics vary by year) and the Central California Therapeutic Recreation Annual Symposium which draws professionals from throughout the Valley.

If you desire to be engaged in the community and obtain professional experiences prior to graduation, consider Recreation Administration as a major or minor!

Department Chair

Dr. Samuel Lankford

Administrative Support Coordinator

Selena McLeod