Valley Consortium for Medical Education Collaboration: Addressing Health Professional Shortages in Under-Served Communities

The Central Valley Health Policy Institute (CVHPI) is currently working on a collaborative evaluation project with the Valley Consortium for Medical Education (VCME) Teaching Health Center, located in Modesto, California. The project involves a process and outcome evaluation of the demographic characteristics and early career choices of VCME Teaching Health Center residency graduates compared with other family practice residency programs committed to providing healthcare to medically underserved areas in California.

The project also examines career goals and residency experiences of VCME residency participants compared with participants in other California family practice residency programs that are committed to providing healthcare to medically underserved areas.

In collaboration with residency program directors and the Song-Brown Program, CVHPI has completed an evaluation and submitted findings for year one graduates. In our third year of this project, CVHPI also completed evaluation for second year residents.