Advanced Leadership Development for Supervisors (ALDS) Program

The Central California Training Academy (Academy) offers the Advanced Leadership Development for Supervisors (ALDS) Program through a partnership between the Central California Area Social  Services Consortium and the College of Health and Human Services of Fresno State University.  The ALDS Program provides a comprehensive advanced  leadership program utilizing a coaching model to increase and apply supervisory leadership skills within the organization leading to systems change.  The coaching model is grounded in the belief that good leadership is based on building positive, strong and cooperative relationships to maximize performance in the workplace. Leaders who engage their team members through coaching are more successful in building commitment to the organization’s goals, invite team members to participate as partners in the process, help  maintain competitive advantage in the workplace, and transform the organization  in a way that is truly sustainable over the long term.  This leadership takes a higher form within  the organization helping to set the vision, mission and values of the  organization.  The ALDS Program utilizes  a coaching model to build the necessary skills and abilities for supervisory  staff, working alongside their manager, to become highly effective and promote sustainable organizational change for improved outcomes for children and  families.

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Executive Summary

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