Getting Started

Fresno State’s International Agreement Process

Step I: Template Selection

The CSU General Counsel has developed standardized agreement templates. These templates should be used as a starting point for a new agreement whenever possible in order to simplify the approval process. Templates are available for: letters of intent, exchange agreements, degree agreements, recruiting agreements, and miscellaneous agreements.

Step II: Internal Development in School/College

The draft agreement should be developed and reviewed using whatever internal process is in place at the school/college level.

Step III: Approval by Dean

The Dean of the school/college should review and approve the agreement and any supporting documents, such as exchange activities and financial models.

Step IV: Continuing & Global Education Review

CGE staff will review the agreement, associated international activities, and financial models to confirm that they meet all requirements of Executive Order 1080, CSU best practices, and standard measures of fiscal viability. CGE personnel will work with the school/college to revise the agreement if needed. 

(Remaining steps are handled by CGE personnel)

Step V: Constituent Review*

A ten-day “review and comment” period will allow administrative offices to identify potential difficulties or roadblocks that could prevent the new agreement from being successfully executed. 

Step VI: Chancellor’s Office Review*

The CSU General Council and Academic Affairs Office will review the agreement to confirm that it meets all of the standards required by the CSU and California state law.

Step VII: Approval by President

Once the Chancellor’s Office has reviewed the agreement, it will be sent to President Castro for his review and signature.

Step VIII: Execution

Once the agreement has been signed by President Castro, it will be sent to the international institution for execution. Once executed, it will be returned to Fresno State for final execution by President Castro. The physical copy of the agreement will be stored by CGE, while an electronic copy will be made available on the International Agreements website.

*Letters of intent do not require constituent review or approval by the Chancellor’s Office. They will move directly to President Castro for approval after CGE review.