Homeland Security Certificate of Advanced Study - Online

This program has been postponed to a later date.

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Homeland Security is a relatively new discipline that incorporates may different academic disciplines and professional fields in the study of sources of national threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities and their efficient response. There is a national workforce of hundreds of thousands of Homeland Security professionals found within many related industry sector areas protecting billions of dollars of critical infrastructure.

It's Offered Online!

The Homeland Security Certificate of Advanced Study is an online program designed to fit the busy schedules of participants. As the threats to security are both national and international concerns, many potential students can benefit from the online course delivery mode.

Who Might Benefit From It?

Those who would benefit from the Homeland Security Certificate of Advanced Study include:

  • Government officials (local, state, federal) and others who seek preparation for administrative, operational specialists, intelligence and policy analysts with a firm background in the role of preparing and protecting society.
  • Students seeking Homeland Security positions throughout all levels of government, public/private organizations, and the private sector.
  • Individuals who seek to answer the important questions of balancing Civil Liberties and the protection of Constitutional Rights within our Liberal Democracy and the needs of National and Homeland Security.
  • Students seeking preparation for future professional careers and additional advanced education programs in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

What the Program Provides

The Homeland Security Certificate of Advanced Study program goal is the development of scientific and technical knowledge and research skills in this growing field of academic study. Students will explore the history, theory, methodology, research, and practical application of Homeland Security. Students will complete coursework in many different facets of the Homeland Security enterprise.

The courses within the online certificate in Homeland Security enable students:

  • To understand the role of government in protecting society from human and natural caused disasters.
  • To become knowledgeable about the underlying assumptions and strategies driving Homeland Security policy.
  • To become knowledgeable about the acquisition and utilization of intelligence and enhancing operational and policy coordination.
  • To understand important principles relating to preventing, responding, and recovering from natural or human caused threats.

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Homeland Security Program is designed to help broaden our understanding of the critical issues and challenges found within this dynamic, complex, and diverse academic field. The online courses integrate a variety of core essentials within Homeland Security, including theoretical, methodological, and applied exercises to further refine and develop this very complicated social, historical, and technological phenomenon.

The purpose of this online program is to provide professional education that will significantly enhance resilience, preparedness, response, and recovery of society from human and natural caused disasters utilizing an "all-hazards approach." Program students from all hierarchical levels of employment will greatly benefit from a better understanding of homeland security and the related challenges of balancing public safety with modern democratic ideals.