Music - Composition Option, B.M.


Department of Music

Bachelor of Music Degree Requirements
Music - Composition Option

Admission into the Bachelor of Music – Composition Option is contingent upon the following:

  • Complete all coursework in the Pre-Music Major
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.67
  • Pass Composition Jury

1. Major Requirements (89 units)
Pre-Music Major Requirements (22 units)
MUSIC 1A, MUSIC 1B, MUSIC 1C, MUSIC 1D, MUSIC 40, MUSIC 41, MUSIC 42, MUSIC 43 (16 units)
MUSIC  4A, MUSIC 4B, MUSIC 4C (6 units) (see note 2)

Music Core Requirements (23 units)
MUSIC  58, MUSIC 161A, MUSIC 161B, MUSIC 171A and MUSIC 170B (14 units)
MUSIC 198 Senior Recital (1 unit) (see note 13)
Four semesters in MUSIC  31- MUSIC 39 appropriate to declared performing medium (see note 9) (4 units)
Four semesters in MUSIC 103 Ensemble appropriate to declared performing medium (see note 4) (4 units)

Composition Option Requirements (44 units)
MUSIC 47, and MUSIC 49 (5 units)
MUSIC 141, MUSIC 142, MUSIC 144, MUSIC 183, MUSIC 184A, and MUSIC 184B (18 units)
MUSIC 48 (two semesters) and MUSIC 148 (until completion of Senior Recital) (see notes 8, 10, and 11) (12 units)
MUSIC  102, MUSIC 117, or MUSIC 118 (four semesters) (4 units)
MUSIC  198 Senior Recital (1 unit) (see note 13)
Music Elective (1 unit)
ENTR 81E (3 units)

Additional Requirements
MUSIC  20 – Convocation (8 semesters) (0 units)
MUSIC  30CF - Composers Forum (8 semesters) (0 units) (see note 14)
MUSIC  30MC/MUSIC 30VW – Master Class (4 semesters) (0 units) (see note 6)

2. General Education Requirements (49 units)
Note: Music Majors are exempt for 9 units from GE Area C1, C3, and IC. (see note 7)

3. Other requirements (9 units)
American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing. Note: MUSIC 171A will count towards the M/I Requirement

4. Other Departmental and Composition Option Requirements must also be passed to complete the degree.

5. Total (132 units)

Other Departmental Requirements

  1. Students intending to pursue the B.M. degree must take a theory and ear training proficiency examination after completion of Music 1D and 43. Students not passing this exam will not be allowed to register for their recital (Music 198).
  2. Students majoring in music must enroll in a piano class (4A, 4B, and 4C) until the departmental piano proficiency examination has been passed. Piano music majors must enroll in Music 14 and 114 in lieu of 4A, 4B, 4C and the piano proficiency examination. (See Department of Music Undergraduate Student Handbook for details.)
  3. Students in Music 31/31E/31J/31P – 39/39E/39J/39P will perform in student recitals as assigned by their instructor.
  4. Students in Music 31/31E/31J/31P – 39/39E/39J/39P are required to concurrently enroll in an appropriate ensemble. Brass, Percussion, and Wind students: 103SB, 103SO, or 103WO; String students: 103SO; Voice students: 103CC; Jazz Students: 103JO
  5. Music students must earn a grade of C or better in each course used to satisfy the requirements of the major, including the Pre-Major. No course taken for the music major can be graded on a CR/NC basis except for courses with mandatory CR/NC grading.
  6. Students in Music 31/31E/31J/31P – 39/39E/39J/39P, and 131/131J – 139/139J are required to concurrently enroll in the appropriate master class (Music 30MC/30VW/30JF) for their instrument/voice.
  7. The University General Education requirement is 49 units. Students majoring in the Bachelors of Music or Bachelors of Music Education take 40 units of General Education, with 9 units waived. These 9 units are from Areas C1, C3, and IC. The requirements for these areas are covered in required coursework for the major.

    Other Composition Option Requirements

  8. Upon conclusion of the second semester of 48, freshman must attempt Composition Jury I before being permitted to continue their major. Transfer students typically attempt Composition Jury I in their first semester. Students are allowed two attempts, taken in consecutive semesters, to pass Composition Jury I.
  9. Upon conclusion of the third semester of Music 31-39, sophomores will typically attempt the Performance Proficiency Exam in their declared primary concentration (instrument or voice). Students are allowed two attempts, taken in consecutive semesters, to pass the Performance Proficiency Exam.
  10. Upon conclusion of the third semester of Music 148, juniors will typically attempt Composition Jury II. The piano proficiency examination and passing Music 1B are required before attempting Composition Jury II. Transfer students will typically attempt Composition Jury II in their third semester of study. Students are allowed two attempts, taken in consecutive semesters, to pass Composition Jury II. Failure to pass a second attempt will result in the student being dropped from Composition major. These students may continue the major in the Bachelor of Arts major.
  11. Students who complete Composition Jury II will take two units of Music 148 each semester until their recital semester.
  12. Guitar and piano students will fulfill 50 percent of the major ensemble requirement by enrolling in Guitar Ensemble, Keyboard Ensemble, or other approved Music 102, 117, or 118 ensembles. The remaining 50 percent must be fulfilled by enrolling in either Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Orchestra, or Concert Choir. 7.
  13. Students will typically perform a Senior recital during their sixth semester of Music 148.
  14. Students in Music 48 and 148 are required to concurrently enroll in Music 30CF.


The Department of Music faculty has backgrounds in varied areas of specialization. Many members of the faculty have national and international reputations as performing artists and teachers. Others are well known for their scholarly research, articles, and books. They are all dedicated to providing students with the best music education possible both in their classes and studios.

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