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Master of Business Administration Requirements


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Program Requirements

The M.B.A. is awarded to students upon completion of the requirements listed below. The following groups of courses are generally completed in sequence. 

Group I (3-15 units)
The following five courses are required of non-business majors, business majors from programs that are not AACSB-accredited, business majors from international business schools (AACSB) or students who graduated from an AACSB-accredited program more than seven years ago: MBA 200, MBA 201, MBA 203, MBA 204, and MBA 205. Some or all of the Group I requirements may be waived based on an evaluation of the student’s previous coursework. Equivalent knowledge may be demonstrated through examinations offered two times each year.

Group II (18 units)
These courses develop the M.B.A. candidate’s core managerial skills: MBA 210*, MBA 211, MBA 212, MBA 213, MBA 214, and MBA 215.

*The University's graduate-level writing proficiency requirement is fulfilled by MBA 210.

Group III (12 units)
These elective courses allow the student to integrate their knowledge from Group I and II. Students may take any 12 units from MBA 230 - MBA295I or other approved electives.

Note: Students may choose to take some of their Group III courses through the Study Abroad Program. This requires approval from the Graduate Business Programs office.

Business Policy and Strategy (3 units) 
This course is taken upon completion of the Group II courses. Students are also allowed to take Group II courses concurrently with MBA 279.  

Culminating Experience (3 units)
For their final M.B.A. project, students must complete either MBA 298 or MBA 299